What to buy for an Andheri Escort to make her happy

Escort is also a girl like any other girls; she has also some desires and wishes. So if you are a gentleman and want to make her happy then there are lots of thing which you can do for her. We will briefly explain this to you, like you are a daily customer of Andheri escort service then there must be any special girl which you like the most and want to spend your time again and again with her. Similar this there is many clients can also become favorite of Andheri Escorts that they also want to spend time with them. Like a boy gives any simple or precious gift to his girlfriend just to make her happy likewise you can give any gift to escort. Girls always love to receive gift from their loved one and the same thing also apply on an escort girl.

Buy some flower for her:

Every woman loves flower especially red roses. You can buy some flower or the complete bouquet for her. If you can’t afford the bouquet then you can buy just one or two flower to please her. She will defiantly respect your step and will feel happy for that. And you can become a favorite client of an escort.

Buy a wine bottle:

Check out the profile of the Andheri Escorts you want, and there you will found that what kind of things she wants or expects for clients as a gift. From there you can have an idea about that. Many escorts like to have some wine during talking; you can buy a red wine or any light wine for her to make her happy. Even in some countries this is the trend to offer a wine to your partner. So wine bottle can be a smart idea for you, and both of can enjoy this together.

You can buy a perfume:

A perfume with pretty and sexy fragrance is also a good idea to buy for an escort. There are numbers of perfume and cents are available in the market, some of them are quite expensive and some will totally fix in your budget. Or you can also ask to your escort that what kind of fragrance she loves, and after that you can buy for her. Each time whenever she will spray that perfume, she will defiantly think about you.

You can buy some chocolates:

Buying some chocolates is a great idea for an Andheri escort. Sweets are the good starting for any relationship whether emotional or sexual. And chocolates is consider to be a sexual booster from ancient time, many king use to take chocolates for enhancing their stamina and power. So you can also buy some chocolates for her, dark chocolate, or white chocolate, you can buy a complete box with beautiful packing and stickers. She will defiantly feel happy, and the favorite part is that you both can enjoy the sweet and also can include it in your sexual activities.




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