An escort should be called as a prostitute?

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The society is pretty prejudiced when it comes to men paying women for pleasurable or entertainment services. Prostitution is such a service that has been prevalent in the society for centuries and over the time has become a common umbrella term for any pleasurable service that is offered by women to men in lieu of money.

But when considered practically and logically, every pleasurable service doesn’t come under prostitution and every woman who offers such services isn’t a prostitute. Some work as a sugar baby, some as an escort while others may work as strippers or porn stars. Each of these services is entirely different from that of prostitution and placing them all under the common umbrella tern is nothing but injustice.

Of the services mentioned above, escorts are more common and prevalent in the Indian society as compared to the others and as such, escorts are often termed as prostitutes which come from total lack of knowledge as well as due misconception about the services provided by these escorts. If you aren’t quite sure how escorts are much different from prostitutes, then the following discussion will help you understand the basic differences.

How escorts differ from prostitutes?

They work at their will

The first and most important difference is that escorts work at their own will. Whether they be independent escorts in Mumbai or those associated with an agency, they are totally masters of their own will. Women who want to earn handsomely as per their wish join the escort industry and they have total freedom as to how many clients they want to meet per day or per week, what type of client they want to meet, what they would charge for their services and so on. But the same cannot be said about prostitutes. First and foremost, prostitutes are usually victims of human trafficking and they are usually forcefully introduced into the industry. Moreover, they do not have much freedom in the work that they do with most decisions being taken by their handlers or agents.

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Sexual services aren’t everything

Another major difference between a prostitute and an escort is in the services that they offer. As you may already know, prostitutes are meant to offer sexual services only. Usually men visit prostitutes for a fixed amount of time (usually decided on an hourly basis), enjoy sexual services including intercourse, and leave once their time is over. There is usually nothing more than that.

But in case of escorts, this isn’t quite true. In fact, escorting means accompany someone (here, the client) to any place desired by the client and that forms an integral part of the escorting service. So, escorts are, in fact, companions to their clients and join them at dinner dates, foreign trips, parties, business meets and much. Though sex may be a part of the service (if desired by the client), it isn’t essential or mandatory and is considered as a secondary service for an escort.

Escorts are classy

Irrespective of the age or ethnicity, female escorts are much more classy than prostitutes. They are bold and beautiful and they dress in a way that’s tantalizingly hot yet sophisticated. They are well mannered and well behaved and can be your partner at any place. They follow strict etiquettes which make them more like your girlfriend or casual partner than just sex partners, which prostitutes usually are. They will enhance and add to your stature and thus, are way more than prostitutes.

They are legal

Believe it or not, escort services are legal whereas prostitution is not. This is because in prostitution payment is made for the sexual services the women offer which illegal according to the rulebook. But the payment made to escorts is not for sexual services, even if that happens during the course of the meeting. Mumbai Escorts are paid for being companions and that is totally normal and legal. So, when you hire an escort, you never have the risk if facing legal troubles which may often happen with prostitutes. If you want to stay safe and enjoy the best moments of your life, escorts are what you should look for.

They cater to personal desires

Escorts believe in satisfying their clients a 100% and that doesn’t only mean sex. Men often have hidden desires that remain unfulfilled due to a variety of reasons and escorts can help fulfill them. Want to have a quite dinner at home with some romantic music with an understanding companion by your side? Want to delve deeper into your sexual fantasies by trying out various sex positions or add-ons like sex toys, etc? Want to dance all night at your favorite club with the hottest woman by your side? Want to see your companion in sexy lingerie and have a relaxing bath together? Whatever your personal desires may be, escorts can fulfill them. But prostitutes cannot. They offer sexual services and there is hardly any scope of personalizing your experience.

They work discreetly

For men using the services of prostitutes, visiting the brothel is a must. Naturally, there are high chances of men being noticed when they visit the prostitutes and that’s something that most people would love to steer clear of totally. But there are no such risks involved while using the services of an escort. Bookings for an escort are usually done over the phone or email and the meetings take at regular places like one’s own home, at restaurants or pubs, at a hotel or other such places where anyone can meet without arousing the suspicion of anyone else. Moreover, escorts being highly trained and professional never reveal your details to anyone else at any point of time. Prostitutes offer no such guarantee and one may easily be marked as someone who visits a prostitute frequently.

There is no attachment

Though this doesn’t happen initially, yet most people who hire escorts frequently often grow an attachment with one or more escorts they may find likeable. This emotional attachment is usually on both sides and no money is usually involved in this. It’s more like two regular people starting to like each other’s companionship. With prostitutes, however, no attachment is involved. Men visit anyone who is free at a particular time and fulfill their sexual needs and all is over.

They are paid well

Since escorts are paid for their companionship, their hourly rates are way more than prostitutes who are, in fact, paid peanuts for the services they provide. Escorts, on the other hand, are paid handsomely according to what they demand. Rates demanded by escorts increase depending on their exquisiteness, beauty, boldness, maturity, sophistication and personality as well. Hourly rates of escorts start from around $100 and can go up to several thousand depending on the demand for a particular escort.

Considering all the factors above, it would be totally wrong in considering an escort equal to a prostitute. There is a stark difference between the two and putting them under the same umbrella term is totally irrational and prejudiced as well.

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